Our New Popcorn Machine

Stakeholders and residents are thrilled about the arrival of our brand new popcorn machine! Our last popcorn machine stopped working for us, and Opal’s Dream Foundation was quick to respond with a new one! We just love the smell and taste of fresh popcorn and we enjoy it on a weekly basis.

This is Opal’s Dream Foundation’s story, as told by them.

The foundation is named after Opal Grubbs. Opal spent the majority of her life alone in a nursing home as a ward of the state. She dreamed one day she could leave the nursing home and see the ocean. With no family or funds, she was never able to fulfill that dream before passing away. We exist to make sure that doesn’t happen again.”

Opal’s has donated many items, large and small, to our community. A juke box was donated two years ago to ensure that our feet kept tapping. Last summer they were kind enough to donate a raised flower bed so that our residents could safely garden while outdoors. They have also donated smaller items in bulk–that were a true blessing at Christmas time–to provide a special Christmas store for our residents. They were able to pick out items to get for their loved ones.

On Friday February 5th, Jerry Stith and Ken Dozer showed up with our brand new popcorn machine! They were greeted by Phillip, a member of our community, with nothing but a huge smile on his face. Later that day, Kentucky State Representative Jim DuPlessis stopped by to join in on the popcorn fun.

We are so thankful for Opal’s Dream Foundation and every that makes the Foundation fun so well. Without them, many seniors would go without. They help facility coordinators bring an extra smile to our residents’ faces on a daily basis.