Pet Therapy

Pet therapy is a proven way to enhance people’s mental and physical well-being. These are two reasons why, at Signature HealthCARE of Elizabethtown, we encourage as many pet visits as possible! We encourage family members to bring their loved one’s pets in to visit them as often as they can. We have Bentley the bunny that lives here full time and Bailey the pup that comes in daily for visits, but that just isn’t enough for us sometimes, and this is why we invite Penelope the pig and Cocoa the miniature therapy horse in to visit with us.

There was not a single person in the building–stakeholder or resident–that didn’t smile from ear to ear when they came. Seeing Penelope and Cocoa brought laughs and memories to our residents from their younger years. We were able to hear stories of life growing up on farms, of their families, or pets that they once had and loved. Residents lit up with tons of questions about Penelope and Cocoa, and were extremely happy to hear that Cocoa is expecting a baby within the next month!

We can’t wait for more visits from Penelope and Cocoa. We are also hopeful that, when Cocoa returns from maternity leave in a few months, she brings her new baby with her!