Spring Break

On April 19th 2016, twenty-two residents and several stakeholders spent the day in the great outdoors! The residents decided that they wanted to spend their Spring Break at Freeman Lake Park here in Elizabethtown. It was the perfect day for an outdoor outing! While the grill was going, stakeholders and residents played horseshoes and lawn darts. Some residents enjoyed the swing set, while others sang along to oldies music. Once lunch was ready, we all sat down and enjoyed the feast! After we were all stuffed with burgers, potato salad, and dessert, we relaxed and enjoyed the view. The ducks and geese were very welcoming of our company, even though they didn’t get any of our food. We were able to watch the paddle boats scoot across the water as well as people jogging with their dogs. The local fire department was also there for our entertainment! We are not one hundred percent certain what they were up to, but we came to the assumption that they were training. It was a truly blessing to get to spend the day together at the park!