A Chaplain’s Corner

Question of the Month?
Dad and I never did talk much, and now conversations are even harder now that he’s in a nursing home. What can I talk about that won’t make us both uncomfortable?

It can be hard to know what to say under any circumstances when your communication hasn’t been great, and even worse when that’s added with them being in a facility. You may feel it your “duty” to keep the conversation light and to avoid any discussion topics that might make everyone uncomfortable. But talking about the “uncomfortable” things can be therapeutic for you both. This can be the start of a new relationship, one that is finally open and free.
It’s also a great idea to plan what you’re going to talk about. Bring something from the news you know they enjoy, plan to watch their favorite tv show with them, encourage them to talk about some time periods in their life (what fun things do you remember from childhood? What was it like being a teenager? Etc.).

Get to know you parent as a person, and most of all listen and be present, that means more sometimes than any words you can say