Sacred Six Auction

We had our first Sacred Six Silent Auction. The way it works is we pass out Sacred Six Bucks for those that are recognized and those that do the recognizing. We received donations for the auction. We were able to auction off a massage, men’s watch, wireless charger, and an echo dot. The highest bid and winner for the dot was 98 dollars, yes you read right. It has really helped more stakeholders to get involved and we have more winners. Indigo was also our Spirit Ambassador for the month. She exhibits great teamwork and keeps stakeholders and elders in great SPIRIT!!!!

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Opal’s Dream Foundation

A huge thank you to Opal’s Dream Foundation for donating donuts to our residents! They enjoyed an impromptu donut social!


We are beating the heat by making homemade cherry slushes! Not only did they keep us cool, but they were fun to make!

Ruby Tuesday

What a fabulous ladies day out. It was a reminder of how much outings mean to our residents. It’s more than just getting a change of scenery, eating good food, and enjoying fresh air. It is a chance to take a walk on the wild side, and try something we’ve never tried before. It’s about a no hold bar conversation about everything ranging from raising children, gardens, and chickens. It’s a chance to have a sangria on a hot day, and go on a date with your fianc√©. It’s a chance for stakeholders to remember that they aren’t only a group of our residents, but that they are a group of ladies. Ladies who are full of stories, lessons, and laughter. Outings also serve as a reminder, that just because you now live in a nursing facility, you aren’t finished living.

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“Beautiful Me”

We are kicking off the weekend with “Beautiful Me”! The ladies are lined up, and awaiting their manicure. Everyone likes a fresh start on a Friday, and no better way to do so than with fresh nails!

July Calendar

Come join us for one of our great events! If you have any questions please contact Signature HealthCARE of Elizabethtown, and ask for Jenny.


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A Peach of a Time

We spent this hot summer day having a peach of a time! Our theme for the day mandated that everything was peach! We spent time discussing different recipes we have tried over the years with peaches. We learned interesting facts about peaches. Best of all, we enjoyed peach tea, and fresh peaches from the market!